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Women’s Ministry

Welcome to Women of Riverview!

Women need to be in relationships with other women who will encourage them to love and trust Jesus. Because women at different ages and stages of life have much to offer each other, we are intentional in bringing women of different generations together.


For more information, email Anita Harrison, Women’s Ministry Director, or call the church office at 573.348.3515.

Flourish Mentoring

This program connects women in one-on-one discipleship relationships. Mentors and mentees grow in learning to think scripturally about all of life.

  • All Riverview women and older teen girls.
  • Mentors must be members of Riverview. Mentees should be regular attendees.
  • Women who want to grow in the Word.
  • Women who want a relationship of accountability and grace.
  • Women who want to be transparent with another woman who is a Christ-follower – but maybe aren’t sure how or what that even looks like.
  • Women who are willing to commit to an hour a week at least three weeks each month for about three months.
  • One-on-one or one-on-two curriculum-based mentoring relationship for women to encourage and challenge one another in their walks with Jesus
  • Curriculum basis is FLOURISH Mentoring from Passion City Church. Flourish calls women to a higher standard of living following the commands in Titus 2:3-5, a God-filled life for the sake of the Gospel. You will:
    • Build relationship and community with a mentor or mentee
    • Explore what Scripture says about identity, calling, gratitude and other relevant topics
    • Learn to love and follow Jesus wholeheartedly
    • Learn to see your individual story as part of God’s eternal redemption story
  • One hour a week at least three times a month.
  • Each pair decides the best meeting time and place. Be creative, and embrace life.
  • Your meeting time needs to be a protected commitment. Use your first meeting to schedule the first 14 meetings.
  • You decide: Will you be a mentor or a mentee?
  • Riverview creates the pairs and is intentional in the matching process.
  • Mentors reach out to their mentees to get started.
  • Mentors will …
    • Invite mentees into their lives.
    • Ask a lot of questions and let mentees process their answers.
    • Keep mentees accountable to their commitment in Flourish.
    • Maintain a delicate balance between accountability and grace.
    • Confront when necessary.
    • Be transparent with their own stories and lives, building trust with their mentees as early as possible in the journey.
    • Receive ongoing support and training.
  • Mentees will …
    • Have focused timed with Jesus five days a week.
    • Complete assignments for each Flourish session.
    • Commit to predetermined meeting dates with mentor and make them a priority.
    • Be punctual for meetings and respectful of their mentor’s time.
    • Be real and intentional in each meeting, making the most of the opportunity.
    • Be accountable for assigned work. Be accountable in areas where it’s been agreed that growth is needed.
  • Our mission at Riverview is to Glorify God. Make Disciples. Love People.
  • Mentoring Glorifies God. Women need each other – but more than that, women need to be in relationships with other women who will encourage them to love and trust Jesus. The focus is not on connecting women but on connecting women to make much of Jesus.
  • Mentoring Makes Disciples. The curriculum is Scripture-based. Mentors will challenge their mentees to wrestle with life’s questions, concerns, and decisions biblically. Mentors will help their mentees see how the Gospel impacts all of life. That’s making disciples.
  • Mentoring Loves People. The goal of mentoring is not just to make the two women involved stronger. It’s to make them stronger so that they can make a difference for God. It’s to help them fulfill the greatest commandments: Love God with all your heart, with all your might, and with all your strength. And love your neighbor as yourself.
  • This ministry is doable. It’s a commitment. You need to see it as worthwhile. And then it’s doable. It takes two women who are committed to meeting for an hour a week at least three times a month. The Bible study is rich and meaningful without being overwhelming.

For more information, email Anita Harrison, Women’s Ministry Director.


Life groups build community around God’s Word. Our Women’s Life Group is for women who arrive to life group on their own. We meet once a week, study the BIble and pray for each other. We also find opportunities to serve together. The group meets at 11 a.m. on Sundays at the church. Join us anytime!

Join women of Riverview in praying for the needs of the church. The group meets at 8:30 a.m. Tuesdays at the church.

If you are on Facebook, request to join our private “Women of Riverview” group.

More for Women at Riverview

Women have many more opportunities at Riverview to serve and take part in ministry.