Righteous Suffering

“Righteous Suffering”

1 Peter 3:17-4:6

Truth (17)
  • Righteous Suffering is for our Good and God’s Glory.
Why? (18-22)
  • Through Christ’s Example we see God’s Design for Suffering (18)
  • Every Instance of Suffering is an Opportunity to Experience God’s Grace.
  • Through Christ’s Death and Resurrection we are given New Life (18-21)
  • Suffering has a way of reminding me of the beauty of grace.
  • Through Christ’s Ascension we’ve been given Total Assurance (19-22)
  • Suffering can never take Christ away from us.
How?  (4:1-6)
  • Shift your thinking about Suffering (1a)
  • Train your thinking BEFORE Suffering Hits
  • Trust so that your Treasure Christ (1b-3)
  • Treasure Christ by growing in your Trust that He is Better
  • Look to the Future with Confidence (4-6)
  • Viewing the Future righty helps me make sense of the present.