Abiding in Christ – Part 2

Gospel of John

John 15:1-17

Abiding in Christ- Part 2

Abiding in Christ produces Transformation.

  1. Powerful Prayer (7)
    •  Abiding in Christ produces a powerful prayer life because it becomes the way I regularly express my dependence on Christ.
  2. Glory of God (8)
    • Abiding in Christ Glorifies God because I’m regularly declaring my role as a branch and not the vine.
  3. Real Joy (9-11)
    • Abiding in Christ produces real joy because it causes me to see every circumstance through Christ.
  4. Love Others (12-17)
    • Abiding in Christ enables us to Love others because it ties us to the most sacrificial love that has ever been shown.
Due to the snow this morning, Lifegroups are cancelled but we will still have the 10:45am service for Sunday, 1/14.