Sermons by Nathan Bechtold

The Instruction

The Instruction (La instrucción) Colossians 3:5-10 • Colosenses 3:5-10 The Instruction (La Instrucción) (Col. 3:5-10) Remember: You Have Died With Christ! (Recuerda: ¡Has Muerto Juntamente con Cristo!) (Col. 3:3) The Warning (La Advertencia)  (Col. 3:6) The Way Forward (El Camino a Seguir) (Col. 3:11-17)

Where is Jesus from?

Where is Jesus from or Six Strikes and you’re out! John 7:25-52    Galilee Bethlehem The Father Jesus models obedience Missing The Point…6 Times We know where this man comes from (vs 27) No one will know where the Christ comes from (vs 27) Does He intend to preach to the Greeks? (vs 35) Is…