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The Bible tells the story of a woman named Rahab who lived in a city called Jericho. Jericho was a fortified city with strong walls. The people there had every reason in the world to feel secure from enemies, but when they heard the Israelites were marching their way, they felt fear. Why? Did the Israelites have sophisticated weaponry? Were they exceptionally big and strong? No, but the Israelites had a reputation for winning despite their apparent weaknesses. The report was they served a very powerful God.

Still, the people of Jericho geared up for battle. They did not want to be the Israelites’ servants, or worse, so they intended to fight. And really, the odds seemed to be in their favor. They had the city wall. They hadn’t spent the last several years wandering. Sure, the Israelites had stories, but who knew how much truth those stories held? Most likely the miracles had been exaggerated. It would be foolish to give up without putting the Israelites to the test.

Unless, of course, you believed in the miracles, as Rahab did. She believed enough that she decided to befriend the Israelites and trust their God to save her rather than trust what she could see, her city wall and Jericho’s military might. In the end, her choice proved to be the wise one. When Jericho’s walls fell and the Israelites destroyed the city, she and her family were saved.

Christians must make a decision similar to Rahab’s. To become a follower of Jesus, we have to be willing to lay down our present life. We have to be willing to say, “Not my will, God, but yours be done.” For some Christians, this surrender will mean sacrificing their career to follow God’s call. For others, it will mean a physical or emotional separation from family. For still others, it will mean persecution, even death. Why would Christians make that choice? Why would we surrender our lives, when our lives are all we have?

Because like Rahab, we believe our present security offers no real security at all. We believe everything we can see will someday fall and our only hope is to trust in God to save us. We believe our present lives are not our best guarantee, but that our best guarantee is to believe in the miracle of eternal life.

Where have you put your trust? Are you still trying to find peace and satisfaction in your present life, or have you surrendered to God and put your trust in Him and the eternal victory He promises to give his servants?

As you weigh this decision, read Psalm 49.

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