In Riverview’s children ministry, we work to continue building up a Christ-centered identity and influence in the next generation.

We do this by teaching our kids about the nature and character of God, partnering with parents to build the faith of their children at home, and by providing engaging bible teaching as well as opportunities for children to hide God’s Word in their hearts.


  1.  To show and teach Christ’s love to each child in our care while clearly communicating the Gospel.
  2.  To provide a clean, safe, and fun environment for children to learn about Christ.
  3. To enable parents to participate in the life of our church knowing that their children are well cared for and ministered to.
  4. Begin building a biblical worldview into our children by helping them hide God’s Word in their hearts.
  5. To empower and equip parents in discipling the Next Generation by:
    • Training and equipping parents on age-appropriate issues– handouts, seminars, classes.
    • Partnering with parents as a church family that will strive to help children know Jesus personally practically, and purposefully— each week through Sunday mornings, and Wednesday nights.
    • Providing parents with resources/tools to aid faith at home— recommended Bibles, seasonal activities
    • Communicating to parents what is learned in the Life Group and Wed. night time—through handouts.

 Over the course of your child’s time in our children’s ministry… we strive to instill 6 “biblical building blocks” in our children.

  1. God is holy and He deserves my worship
  2. What is the Gospel
    -Good News / How Do I receive it: ABC’s
  3. God wants me to be a good steward
    -obey my parents -love my siblings -take care of my things
  4. God wants me to tell others about Him
  5. God is at work around the world (missions)
  6. Basics of Biblical Worldview– Bible verse mem.

Need to KNOW:

Our children’s area is located downstairs in KidZone. Please follow these simple guidelines when planning to bring your child to our preschool ministry.

  1. First time visitors: Please plan to stop by our guest welcome center at KidZone. There you will be assisted with our Checkpoint Check-In process as well as asked to fill out a newcomer registration card.
  2. Checkpoint Check-In: All children are required to be checked-in by a parent/guardian.  Check-in begins 30 minutes before services start. Again, if you’re visiting for the first time you will need to fill out a registration card to receive a key tag and security stickers. The stickers are for child pick-up:
    • Child Pick-up – You must present your portion of the sticker before we release your child
  3. Label belongings: A printed label with your child’s name will be provided in addition to the security stickers. You can use this name-tag to place on bags, bottles, cups, blankets, etc.
  4. Health Guidelines: For everyone’s well being, all children must be fever-free and/or symptom-free of any contagious disease for 24 hours. Additionally, please let us know if your child has any allergies or medical conditions.

Children’s Ministry HOURS


  • Life Groups (9:30-10:30AM)
    Life Groups are provided for K – 4th grade. Classes are divided as follows:
    Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade, 3rd and 4th Grade.
  • 10:45AM Worship Service
    Children’s Church is provided for Kindergarten–2nd grade during the 10:45 service.
    Children participating in “children’s church” will attend the adult worship service until the singing portion ends. At this time, they are escorted to the 1st and 2nd grade room where they receive age-appropriate biblical instruction.


  • Adult Bible Class (6:00-7:15PM)
  • Pulse Children’s Programming (6:00-7:15PM)
    —Where children hide God’s Word in their hearts.