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This is one of the devotions shared at the Generations Tea. Thanks to everyone who helped make that a special time.

Simon Peter was one of Jesus’ best friends on earth. There’s no doubt the former fisherman loved his Lord. He gave up his family, his home, and his normal life to be with Jesus. So when Jesus warned him at the last supper that he, Peter, would deny him, Peter understandably did not want to accept that warning. “I may have to die with you, ” Peter replied. “But I will never say I don’t know you” (Matthew 26:35).

Later that night, a crowd came to arrest Jesus. Peter did not run in fear or forsake Jesus. He pulled his sword and cut off a man’s ear. Peter and the other disciples still believed Jesus had come to set up an earthly kingdom, and Peter was ready to fight for that kingdom.

But Jesus did not fight, and what’s more, he rebuked Peter for fighting. A few hours later, Peter denied Jesus three times.

It seems to me that Peter was willing to fight for Jesus, even to risk his own life, so long as Jesus acted as Peter expected Him to act. If that’s so, then Peter was not so willing to die for Jesus as he was willing to die for a cause. When circumstances took a turn he did not understand and that cause seemed lost, Peter no longer trusted Jesus.

Am I so different from Peter?

I can feel a great devotion to God and a great determination to see His work done so long as I feel I understand what He’s doing in my life. But it can be much harder to maintain that devotion when I don’t understand God’s plan, when tragedy strikes or my favorite cause suffers a defeat.

We have to remember we do not base our trust in God on our circumstances but on whom we know God to be — a good and righteous God who loves us.

Peter had walked with Jesus. He knew Jesus, and Jesus had been his friend. No matter how hard life became, Jesus deserved Peter’s loyalty and trust. Our Lord deserves the same from us today.

Jesus said: “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.” John 14:1

Your Turn: Is there a verse or a truth about Jesus that helps you keep your trust in God even when you don’t understand what’s happening in your life?

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