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Celebrate Your Child’s Faith Decision

There is nothing more exciting for a parent than guiding a child to faith. Once your child has accepted Christ as his or her personal Lord and Savior it is time to help them tell others about that decision through baptism. If you are not sure if your child has made this decision yet, please request the Prepare to Lead Your Child to Christ kit at the Faith @ Home Center

Core 4 Christians’ Class

Sign up for the Core 4 Christians’ Class, a one-time course that offers children and youth a solid understanding of the basics of the Christian faith and provides an opportunity for baptism and participation in the Lord’s Supper. To sign up for the next Core 4 Christian’s Class, contact our Next Generation Pastor Michael Beene (


Baptism is a public announcement of belief and a visible picture of an inward transformation. All who experience God’s saving grace and respond through faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins should be baptized in obedience to Jesus’ commands as recorded in the New Testament and modeled in the early church. Explain to your child that being baptized does not make him or her a Christian. There is nothing magical about the water. What makes someone a Christian is the decision to ask Jesus Christ to forgive his or her sins and take control of his or her life. Your child might be nervous about getting baptized. Assure your child that he or she will just be dipped under the water for a couple of seconds and that this is an exciting time. If you have a My Faith Box, be sure to fill out the designated page in the Milestones section after your child is baptized. You can schedule your child’s baptism by visiting the church office or by setting up an appointment with a pastor.


The Lord’s Supper is a special time when those who have accepted Christ as Lord and Savior remember that He died for their sins. We remember this by eating bread, which represents Jesus’ body, and by drinking juice, which symbolizes Jesus’ blood. Celebrate your child’s first participation in communion. Discuss the meaning. If you have a My Faith Box, be sure to fill out the designated page in the Milestones section noting his or her first Lord’s Supper.

  Symbols and Celebrations

Consider giving your child something to signify the decision he or she has made. This can be a cross, a new Bible, a Bible study or a hand written note in the front of a blank journal. As children get older they sometimes question their earlier faith decision. Help your child feel secure by providing a firm foundation. If you have a My Faith Box, write down the date and other special memories from the day he or she accepted Christ on the designated page in the Milestones section. Use the Spiritual Birthdays card included with this kit for ideas on how to celebrate your child’s spiritual birthday. Take time to talk about what he or she is learning. Allow your child to ask questions and talk through new areas of spiritual growth. Pray for the upcoming year in his or her journey. This will also give you great insight into where some extra help or attention is needed and how you can pray more specifically for your child.

  Help your child begin to walk with Jesus

Salvation and baptism are not the end of our spiritual responsibility as parents, they are only the beginning! Salvation is the first step along a life-long journey with God. Show your child what a Christian life looks like. Teach your child how to pray and coach him or her on how to read the Bible. Now that you have helped your child take these exciting first steps, you have the opportunity and responsibility to disciple him or her into a fully developing follower of Christ for the rest of their lives.


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