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Our church has been discussing the possibility of adopting an elder-led congregational form of church governance since 2016.
As a part of the exploration process we have:
  • had our deacon-body study the issue and write a paper in favor of elder-led congregationalism,
  • studied the issue in Sunday morning sermons through the book of Titus,
  • hosted listening sessions on elder-led congregationalism which were open to anyone,
  • had a group of roughly 15 men go through a biblical leadership training program,
  • formed a constitution revision committee at the beginning of this year,
  • listened to feedback and suggestions presented to the constitution revision committee,
  • discussed the proposed constitutional changes in our most recent business meeting, and more
In light of all of this, we’re delighted to present to you the final version of the proposed constitution.


Click below to see the Proposed Constitution to be voted on July 25, 2021.


Proposed Constitution