Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson was born in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. He is the third of 6 children and always enjoyed being a part of a large family. At 9 years old during a week-long Bible camp, Ryan’s spiritual interest turned to spiritual conviction and he gave his life to the Lord. Shortly after, he was publicly baptized. While a freshman in high school, Ryan’s call to ministry was affirmed and received. Ryan spent his entire childhood a member of New Hope Baptist Church where his parents have been members since the church’s founding.

Ryan graduated from the Moody Bible Institute with a Bachelor of Arts in Children and Family Ministry and Bible with a minor in pastoral studies. He has a great passion for discipling the next generation for Jesus and seeing the church active in areas of foster care, adoption, and the orphan crisis. In his free time, Ryan enjoys playing a round of disc golf(or any sport for that matter), reading a good book, or drowning some worms. Over the course of his life, the Lord has given Ryan a heart and appetite for engaging the next generation in lasting faith through spiritual formation and parent-discipleship. In March of 2021, Ryan accepted a call to Riverview Baptist Church where he currently serves as the Director of NextGen & Outreach.