Aliens & Pilgrims: A Study of Daniel

Finishing Well

Finishing Well Daniel 6:1-28 In Exile, Governments can and will target people of faith. We are called to engage in but not hope in politics. The key to finishing well is slow and steady faith. Promise of God Power of God Presence of God Pattern of Redemption

Conviction in Exile

Conviction in Exile Daniel 1:8-21 Convictions are Shaped Internally Convictions are always Expressed Publicly Convictions should include Compassion Right Convictions produce Real Wisdom Right Convictions invite God’s Blessing Biblical Convictions and Beliefs: We believe the Bible is God’s Word, inspired by the Holy Spirit. We believe the Bible is inerrant and sufficient. We believe in…

Danger in Exile

Aliens and Pilgrims: A Study of Daniel Danger in Exile Daniel 1:1-7 Background to Danger (1:1-4) Danger: Assimilation (1:4-7) Remedy to Danger (1:4) The way to overcome assimilation is to embrace and remember your new identity. 1. Alien Pardon 2. Alien Purpose 3. Alien Plan Who are you?